The California Teachers Association offers statewide conferences designed to provide knowledge and skills for members as they go about the work of the Organization. Over the years, CTA has been recognized for its excellent leadership and professional development training programs. When you attend a CTA conference, you receive vital information and perspective from some of the best content experts and thought leaders in public education in the state that you can immediately apply to your role as an educator and local leader. Learn about all the CTA Conferences and Register On-line


Come to the CTA Issues Conference to understand and embrace the challenges facing educators today in our local communities and statewide. You can shape the educational future for our youth and have a positive and dynamic impact in the classroom, on our culture and in our society. Learn how at the CTA Issues Conference!
The CTA Good Teaching Conferences continue to support excellent teaching and learning practices for classroom teachers via peer-to-peer instruction. Offering a variety of diverse workshops focused on curriculum content areas for K-12 teachers, the conferences provide opportunities for professional development and offer time to network and share ideas with colleagues and experts in the field of education. Join us on Friday for two newly updated and timely pre-conferences. REGISTER ONLINE

The conference is devoted to enhancing CTA members’ understanding and appreciation of the issues of diversity and equity and is open to all CTA members. Attendees are able to choose from a wide variety of workshops that provide practical ideas that can be incorporated in the classroom and school setting. The workshops will also provide participants with more knowledge of issues facing our ethnic minority communities and how to advocate for change. REGISTER ONLINE

This spring conference will highlight advocacy accomplishments and various aspects of keeping our members engaged in the process of being the strongest local chapter possible. For more information on CCA, please visit the CCA website. REGISTER ONLINE

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